Under what circumstances is a customer eligible for a refund?

Modified on Tue, 16 Jan at 4:53 PM

We understand that a traveler’s plans can be affected when certain circumstances occur and can issue full refunds under those circumstances.

Customers need to be informed of the following and provide relevant evidence before they are able to apply for cancellation:

*The passing of a second-degree relative (please provide a death certificate and proof of relationship) 

*Terminal illness of a second-degree relative (please provide a medical certificate and proof of relationship) 

*Significant natural disaster in a destination that prevents the tour from departing 

*Flight cancellations or delays (please provide evidence of cancellation or delay)

1. If you have confirmed that you cannot use our service due to one of the above reasons, please contact the KKday customer service team to apply for cancellation. 

2. Please provide the relevant proof required. KKday will consider your application according to the provided evidence. 

3. Please note that we cannot process your cancellation if a relevant proof is not provided. 

Types of supporting documents include: Valid obituaries, death certificates or medical certificates issued by a hospital/clinic (not including the flu, bruises, or other injuries that won’t cause difficulties during travel). The content must include the doctor’s diagnosis stating that you are not in the right condition to travel.

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