Train Tickets in Europe -France

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For the train tickets in France, what are the age limits for reduced fares? 

Infants and children aged 0-3 who are accompanied without a seat can enjoy free of charge. Children and youth aged 4-11 can enjoy reduced fare. 

Passengers aged 12 and over pay full fare (excluding passholder fares).

What are the differences between 1st and 2nd class train ticket in France? 

With a 1st class TGV or TGV inOUI (high-speed train) train ticket in France, you can enjoy 2+1 seating configuration with rows of 3 seats instead of 4, extra space for your legs, a wider reclining seat and backrest and a power socket. The 1st class has been designed for your comfort and serenity.

How do I get the train ticket in France that I have purchased online? 

You will receive your e-ticket by email, which is available in PDF attachment with the train journey information  and a QR code or barcode to you digitally and you can save and present it as a screen ticket directly on your  smartphone or tablet for train boarding and inspection. If your device battery dies or screen is cracked and you  are unable to show a valid e-ticket and its QR code or barcode for inspection, it will be treated the same as  any other customer unable to provide any other type of ticket, in line with the rail authority’s ticketless travel  policy. You will need to purchase another ticket and may be subject to payment of a fine/penalty. It is  recommended to print out the e-ticket. 

The ticketing method of train tickets in France may vary from time to time and may differ from journey to journey.  Please refer to the instruction shown on your booking platform and ticket.

Are the train tickets in France refundable and exchangeable? 

We offer train tickets in both options in France: non-refundable and/or non-exchangeable options at a lower  price; and refundable and/or exchangeable options (fee applied) at a standard price. Depending on the fare of  your purchased ticket, the exchange, cancellation and refund conditions may vary. The more interesting the  price, the less favorable the conditions. 

The after-sales conditions of train tickets in France may vary from time to time and may differ from journey to  journey. Please refer to the conditions shown on your booking platform and ticket.

Why don’t I find my preferred train schedule in France? 

Your train may not have been offered for sale yet. Most train tickets in France are bookable up to 3-6 months  before departure. Please try again later. Works may be planned on your journey or the train may be full and  sold out. Please try alternative journey or train.

How to book a cheap train ticket in France? 

Train tickets tend to be cheaper when you book them up to 2-3 months in advance. Most train tickets in France  are bookable up to 3-6 months in advance before departure.

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