Can I pay in any currency?

Modified on Mon, 15 Jan at 4:40 PM

You can check out in the 17 currencies listed below:

* (AUD) Australian dollar
* (CAD) Canadian dollar
* (CNY) Chinese renminbi
* (EUR) European Euro
* (GDP) British Pound
* (HKD) Hong Kong dollar
* (IDR) Indonesian rupiah
* (JPY) Japanese yen
* (KRW) South Korean won
* (MYR) Malaysian ringgit
* (NZD) New Zealand dollar
* (PHP) Philippine peso
* (SGD) Singapore dollar
* (THB) Thai baht
* (TWD) New Taiwan dollar
* (USD) United States dollar
* (VND) Vietnamese dong

You can change the currency of the KKday website/mobile website/app to your preferred currency when browsing for your convenience. The conversion rate is determined by KKday.

KKday will not charge you any platform transaction fees, but your selected credit card issuer or third-party payment platform may charge relative fees (Your selected card-issuing bank may convert your payment to an appropriate currency, causing foreign currency conversion fees to be charged). Every bank has different policies and regulations. Please refer to your selected bank for more details.

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