How to get birthday promo code discount?

Modified on Tue, 1 Aug, 2023 at 6:52 PM

You need to complete the registration before the birthday month and log in to KKday during the birthday month in order to get the birthday promo code. If you have completed the registration during the birthday month, you may need to wait for the next birthday in order to get the birthday promo code. 

The birthday gift will be delivered and completed before the 5th of each month.


For Example: If your birthday falls in November, you will need to fill up and complete the personal details (including the year, month, & day of your birthday) before 10/31 and log in to KKday during your birthday month. The promo code will be send on 1st November. Otherwise, if you filled up your birthday information on/after 1st November or you did not log in during the month of your birthday, you will have to wait until the next birthday and log in to claim it. Thank you.

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